Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine : 2013, Volume 3, Issue 2, Sep Abstracts XML

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Ultrasound a New Paradigm in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management   Editorial
Analgesic Effects of Intravenous Ketamine during Spinal Anesthesia in Pregnant Women Undergone Caesarean Section; A Randomized Clinical Trial   Research Article
Comparison of Surgical Conditions During Propofol or Isoflurane Anesthesia for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery   Research Article
Pregnancy Outcome Using General Anesthesia Versus Spinal Anesthesia for In Vitro Fertilization   Research Article
Post-Intubation Sore Throat and Menstruation Cycles   Research Article
The Treatment of Joint Pain with Intra-articular Pulsed Radiofrequency   Research Article
Ultrasound-Guided Greater Occipital Nerve Blocks and Pulsed Radiofrequency Ablation for Diagnosis and Treatment of Occipital Neuralgia   Case Report
Unusually Prolonged Motor and Sensory Block Following Single Injection Ultrasound-Guided Infraclavicular Block With Bupivacaine and Dexamethasone   Case Report
Regional Analgesia in Intensive Care Unit   Letter