Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine : 2013, Volume 2, Issue 3, Winter Abstracts XML

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Understanding of Molecular Pain Medicine: Genetic Basis of Variation in Pain Sensation and Analgesia Response   Editorial
Effects of Clonidine Premedication Upon Postoperative Shivering and Recovery Time in Patients With and Without Opium Addiction After Elective Leg Fracture Surgeries   Research Article
Depth of Central Venous Catheterization by Intracardiac Electrocardiogram in Adults   Research Article
Comparison of Fentanyl and Fentanyl Plus Lidocaine on Attenuation of Hemodynamic Responses to Tracheal Intubation in Controlled Hypertensive Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia   Research Article
The Effect of EMLA Cream on Patient-Controlled Analgesia with Remifentanil in ESWL Procedure: A Placebo-Controlled Randomized Study   Research Article
Minimum Appropriate Dose of Lidocaine with a Fixed Dose of Sufentanil Epinephrine Used for Spinal Anesthesia in Caesarian Section   Research Article
Comparison Between the Effects of Ringer`s Lactate and Hydroxyethyl Starch on Hemodynamic Parameters After Spinal Anesthesia: A Randomized Clinical Trial   Research Article
Transient Neuronal Injury Followed by Intravascular Injection During an Ultrasound Guided Stellate Ganglion Block   Case Report
Anesthetic Technique in a Patient With Multiple Sclerosis Scheduled for Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for a Renal Tumor: A Case Report   Case Report
Use of Vitamin C as Placebo in Anesthesiology   Letter